Blog content strategy outline


All of the strategies and techniques outlined in this document are to be considered as an outline of best practices for token launch email campaigns. Due to the fact that each token sale is unique, you may have information that conflicts with the below document or have a strategy in place that will create and disseminate Blog Posts at different milestones. he information contained in the below document should be adjusted to fit your timelines.


The Purpose of this document is to:


Best Practices for Writing:

There are a few general rules to keep in mind when actually writing a post. For purposes of clarity, efficiency, and reader experiences consider the following when writing your posts:

  • 1. Attach a post from an important company figure often (I.E. CEO, CTO, Founder, etc.)
  • 2. Write to a 10th grade audience. Whenever possible your messaging should in 10th grade reading level because the audience that you are writing to will likely not have the same understanding of the project as you and needs to be able to understand it. Here is another place where simplicity is very important.
  • 3. When designing the post keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible it is a common mistake to overkill the design and unfortunately the message then comes across as spammy.
  • 4. The post should be succinct and to the point. When writing these blogs keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish and steer the reader to the call to action in as few words as possible. The longer a post is, in most cases, the less likely it is to hold the attention of the reader. The general rule here is short and sweet.
  • 5. It is very important that you have at least one Call-To-Action (CTA) per post and make it very clear and simple to execute. The second a reader sees the CTA it should be abundantly clear what needs to be done.
  • 6. Provide value in your writing. Give the reader actual substance and a reason that will compel them to act on the goal that you have laid out.


Dissemination of these posts should always be through all possible social mediums and message boards that your company has access to unless otherwise mentioned in a planning call. Remember to post on the following:

Twitter Facebook Telegram Reddit Email Instagram Medium


There are several different promotion strategies and depending on the specific strategy you may have discussed be sure to consider the following:

  • • Always include a web link to your project home page and the date of your token sale when it is set
  • • Be sure to have your team promote the posts on any channels and accounts that they manage (if they can)