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Industry background

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets have witnessed a meteoric rise in Market Capitalization and Value. With the current trends in adoption of blockchain and new companies investing time and capital into the space, the market is projected to continue to set records and disrupt the financial industry in staggering fashion. Blockchain is simply put a simple solution to complex problems and provides extreme value to consumers and companies alike by leveraging trustless distributed ledgers to ensure fair play and eliminate security risks in innovative and revolutionary ways.

Problems in the industry

Like any technology, Blockchain is not without issues. While there is a lack of regulatory structure in most of the market companies continue to propose exciting new ways to revolutionize our daily lives. Considering the potential of some of the proposed whitepapers, there is also a void sometimes filled with companies who lack the ability to deliver on the projects they present. In addition, due to a wide scale lack of resources and public knowledge about Blockchain, it can be hard for potential investor to analyze and identify investments and the risks associated with blockchain companies. Proof Systems aims to solve these problems by participating an advisory role at all stages of a blockchain project.

Industry relationships

Due to our close nature with high profile projects we have contacts at every level of the Blockchain Space. Our contacts include everyone from high profile Blockchain Evangelists and CEO’s to the best content writers and digital marketers. We always look to connect our clients with beneficial strategic relationships to help their companies grow. Here are a few of the projects we were fortunate enough to work with.